So Ive been wanting to do a blog section on Ballybur for quite some time now but Ive found it hard to decide where to begin!!!! So hows about just here!!!! With a beautiful, simple and elegant wedding held at Ballybur this summer. The reason that this one is super special is because Alicia is a Comerford. For those of you who don’t yet know Ballybur, it was built in 1588 by Richard Comerford and is one of the only remaining seats of the once powerful family.

How fitting that she and her now husband Jacob Dormann decided to share their special day with us. For me they were the perfect couple to celebrate their wedding with us. They were so relaxed and chilled about it all and really there wasn’t much work to do with such a spectacular backdrop. They had a flower draped trellis set up in front of the castle with some candles and a pipe player and with beer in hand, they married with the help of the lovely Jenny Lorimer – wedding celebrant.

The wedding party of about 24, travelled from New York to be with us and continued their celebrations onwards in Dublin, Rome, Paris and back to Buffallo. It was a pleasure you guys – thanks for allowing us to be a part of it. Hope to meet you all again.

Lots of Love,